Kiting equipment is more or less the same price around the world, and after you are experienced enough to kite on your own, you don’t need anything else besides the equipment and wind. Je zult les krijgen van onze eigen instructeurs. Océan Vagabond vous propose de visualiser en direct les conditions sur le spot mythique de Dakhla ! Bairro 25 lote 8, 2510-662 Vau-Óbidos, Portugal . I ate way more than I normally would and I can assure you that Dakhla Evasion didn’t make much money off me as far as accommodation goes. Je kunt de reis nog tot 2 dagen na je boeking gratis annuleren, daarna zullen er kosten in rekening worden gebracht. With centres in Essaouira & Dakhla on the beach & lagoon. De buitentemperatuur is heerlijk warm overdag maar vergeet niet dat je in de woestijn zit en dat het ’s nachts flink afkoelt. Wil  je je oude tricks aanscherpen? Dakhla. You have no where else to eat so you must take the food packages here, similar to when I was diving in Sipadan, Malaysia. DAKHLA PLANETS team invites you to the world of kitesurfing in the famous Dakhla lagoon, at the meeting of desert dunes, warm flat water and endless opened waves. Ga jij ook kitesurfen in Dakhla bij het meest complete hotel aan de lagune: Dakhla Attitude?! Ben je toe aan een nieuw avontuur en wil je leren kitesurfen? Single occupancy tent: €50 Single Bungalow: €79 Single bungalow with lagoon view: €100 Double bungalow: €130 Double bungalow with lagoon view: €160, 10h group lessons: N/A 10h Semi-Private: €475 10h Private: €730. Bristol. Dakhla Kitesurf Hotels, le partenaire officiel pour vos vacances à Dakhla ! Pour ceux qui veulent faire l’expérience de quelque chose de complètement différent de l’Europe, c’est le bon endroit pour choisir. Jammer!! Deze zullen je de gehele reis begeleiden en zorgen dat je optimale progressie maakt tijdens je kitesurf vakantie in Dakhla. Stuur ons gewoon een berichtje, telefoontje, whats appje of verstuur een postduif dat je mee wil en wij regelen de rest. I came in October and the wind was rather weak and there were some days where I did nothing during the morning, having to wait for the wind to come and not starting my kiting until 3pm or later. Lunch time on this little Rock! Dus vergeet ook niet een aantal warme truien in je boardbag te gooien! I was the only English speaker at the resort so while I booked group lessons, there was no one else they could put with me so it ended up actually just being private lessons. Some Questions? Wave spot located south of Dakhla near a small fishing village called La Serga. All Rights Reserved. Dakhla, Morocco. All of these in town accommodation options outsource their kitesurfing to the resorts so you will just be making day trips for when you want to kite. BLOGGING IS NOT THE SAME WITHOUT YOU, THE READERS! La webcam live du spot de Kitesurf Dakhla Lagon ! 3p / kamer), coaching op het water &  strand van ons KiteActive team. It is the ideal Kitesurfing spot for those who just want to relax while learning or improving their skills as well as exploring stunning sceneries nearby. All the other resort managers raved about Dakhla Club so I would certainly consider staying here for a return trip. The resorts are all ideally located in the lagoon where the winds funnel through leading to some excellent downwind currents. Vraag ons raak via de chat of E-mail. Réservez votre bungalow, cours de Kitesurf et votre vol. Informatie voor beginners en gevorderden. Also islands of red sea and the new Kiteloop in soma bay opening next month. Most people will take the night time flight unless you are staying overnight in Casablanca. There are many different room types available at different prices and most of them were on the higher side. Een stukje verder op het water kan het wat choppy en vlagerig zijn maar over het algemeen zijn de condities nog steeds goed. There is so much nice lounge space at the resort that I wish I could have used it elsewhere but the signal was always weak. © KiteActive since 2011 All Rights Reserved. Stuur ons een mailtje of via de chat en laat je telefoonnummer achter, dan geven wij je uitgebreid advies! “Best of Dakhla” Kitesurf trip Met een windzekerheid tussen de 84% en 91% van gemiddeld 20 knopen, is eind April een prima periode om jouw kite seizoen een kickstart te geven. For €58 a night for my accommodation and all food, it was such a great deal. As I’m not an expert on kiting (yet), I am not familiar with what fair prices are around the world. This is one of the cheaper places I found and is also a new resort. Transavia has on and off again direct flights from Paris but it wasn’t running when I was here in October. If u like dakhla and Dakhla, you should try Fly in Ras Sudr, Egypt. The Blog » Travels » Middle East & N. Africa » Morocco » The Ultimate Dakhla, Morocco Travel And Kitesurfing Guide. Just talk with us on the chat. The long lagoon with views of the desert in the background makes for stunning scenery while kiting. A great way to pass your time by. More than likely, you’ll be visiting Dakhla for kitesurfing which means you’re likely to stay at one of the great kitesurf resorts 30 minutes north of Dakhla. Boek bij … De lagoon is de main spot van Dakhla en door haar vlakke water en constant wind een van de betere kitesurflocaties om te leren kitesurfen of te werken aan je skills/ tricks. Each resort has a kite school with your standard lessons from beginner to advance, as well as equipment rental. similar to when I was diving in Sipadan, Malaysia. Kitesurf Dakhla. Perfect for surfing and kitesurfing. It is a giant white sand dune in the middle of the sea, like an elevated sandbar. Kitesurf vakanties sinds 2011 zijn wij de wereld af aan het reizen op zoek naar de aller mooiste kitesurf bestemmingen. OMGEVING There are a million reasons to visit Dakhla, Morocco. As almost all the clientele is French here, the cuisine was French-Moroccan which was plenty good for me. Ga dan samen met onze KiteActive instructeurs op kitesurf vakantie naar Dakhla in Marrokko. The flight arrives just before midnight. No problem! Whether you are a wave rider, freestyle addict or a beginner, Dakhla has something for you. Mathieu Johnsson. Many of the people I met had stayed at Dakhla Attitude once before but preferred a smaller venue. #zanzibar #tanzan, Now if only humans could coexist like these huge s, Trying to tell the cows the kitesurfers are that w, Diving in zanzibar was mostly unimpressive until I, With no wind for #kitesurfing for the foreseeable. Als je geen single room boekt slaap je met andere kiters op de kamer. Book the best hand-picked kitesurf Hotels in Dakhla. Is There Malaria Or Yellow Fever In South Africa? Dakhla Kitesurf World can help you with chic hotel accommodation that not only provides maximum comfort but also kitesurfing lessons for all skill levels. It is right on the water however and there are some nice views to be had. For those that are good enough to jump and do tricks, this place is your spot to get some of the coolest pics available in kiting. This place has been in the spotlight over the last couple of years due to hosting the previous VKWC world cup and upcoming WKC, and for a good reason. Sadly the only action photo I got of the trip was this one! Depending on tidal differences, you will find between 300 and 500 meters of turquoise water and a constant wind blowing. No restaurant is more famous however, than The Rock restaurant in …. Als de aanbetaling dan is overgemaakt (25% van het totaalbedrag) dan weet je zeker dat je erbij bent! Single occupancy: €140 Double occupancy: €180 Triple occupancy: €210, 10h lessons semi-private: €485 10h private lessons: €735. Dinner would also be different each day with offerings like tagines, kafta, fish, and meats. Explora Morocco Kitesurfing Adventures. It is extremely nice and modern. After many years of being an avid scuba dive addict, I figured it was time to pick up a new sport. RIHFLY DAKHLA Water Sports Center is open all year long offering Kitesurfing Lessons for beginners, intermediate riders looking to progress and advanced riders looking for some specific training. Can’t wait to get here next year . Dan krijg je gratis coaching! Voor alle niveaus! Some days there was no wind at all, which means there’s very little to do. It was put to very good use during my time here. Pemba is an absolutely stunning island and there’s no better place to stay than at the Aiyana hotel. Luckily, I befriended one of the employees here and he bought me a shisha in Dakhla town. Dakhla Kitesurf World is a hotel/camp providing all the comfort needed while being in the middle of the desert. De vogels en dolfijnen zullen zij aan zij met je mee varen. Equipment. Heb je geen lespakket geboekt? Je zult gegarandeerd aan voldoende kitesurf uren en spierpijn komen! Dakhla Attitude. 412 likes. Across the peninsula there are a couple of really solid wave spots with right handers and wind from the right, making for some classic down-the-line conditions. This included all 3 meals as well and is the standard package for all the resorts in Dakhla. Take flight. Note that Morocco STRICTLY forbids all drones in the country which is a shame because drones are the best way of taking good footage while kiting. Kitegear rental, board huur, kitehuur etc, Extra nachten of andere data (neem contact op). I was plenty happy with my decision here! © 2018 Johnny Africa. Dakhla Attitude and Dakhla Spirit, in partnership with Dakhla Kitesurf Hotels propose you two limited offers … Details 03/10/2017 Leave a comment Blog By Alexandra De spot wordt beïnvloed door de getijden, maar met eb is er nog steeds voldoende water in de lagune met ruimte voor ieder niveau. The town of Dakhla is like most other North African towns I’ve seen. The reviews were good and the prices seemed the most competitive. Hey Johnny this place looks stunning. Some resorts are IKO licensed while others are not. The reviews and pictures didn’t look so nice however so I ended up skipping it (although their bungalows are very well priced). Also, they have a tractor that brings all your kite gear from the resort to the water which is nice. Enjoy your trip! Iets meer style in je trick? They had great reviews and the resort looked very nice as well. Neem contact met ons op voor speciale deals en mogelijkheden! Daarnaast hebben wij door onze jaren lange ervaring een tof team bij elkaar gevonden van toegewijde instructeurs die jou kitesurf vakantie helemaal compleet maken! De grond is zanderig zonder scherpe rotsen of koralen, de wind waait constant side-shore vanuit de linker richting. There are many different room types available at different prices and most of them were on the higher side. I think Morocco has better surf spots than Dakhla . It is nestled on top of the hill with spectacular views of both lagoons. I read TripAdvisor reviews, looked at pictures, read blogs etc. Direct bij het KiteActive Camp bevindt zich een gigantische lagune die je kitesurf hart sneller doet kloppen. Call 0044 1273 921 001 Oum Lamboiur regularly sets the stage for the GKA Kite-Surf World Tour with a … Morocco is one of the best places to visit in the world. Score! At 30km from the city and 10km from the sea, you find a wonderful blue lagoon with an incredible wind statistic….a true Kitesurf paradise. It definitely was amazing. After extensively researching the resorts in Dakhla, I chose to stay at Dakhla Evasion. Bookings: +212 5 37 86 44 67 | +212 6 62 19 70 82 | It looks like something out of a modern lifestyle magazine. This is the original kitesurf resort in Dakhla. Pret, #dhow boats are traditional boats that Arabian tra, With little to no tourists on #pembaisland, I was. On this peninsula, the slide is queen. This is one of the more expensive resorts in Dakhla. Dakhla is gelegen op de rand van de Sahara met een enorme vlak water lagune gelegen aan de Atlantische Oceaan. In the end, the prices are a bit higher than others so I decided against it. If I’m traveling shoulder seasons again, I would definitely instead go to Dahab, Egypt next time as Dahab has spectacular diving as well as great kiting. After 12 hours, you should be able to get up on the board and start going back and forth. This is one of Dakhla’s claims to fame. Dakhla Attitude hotel zorgt voor veel gezelligheid: Dus denk aan beach BBQ’s, een groots kampvuur of een tafelvoetbal/ pingpong toernooi en gezellige karaoke avonden. Nieuws en artikelen over kitesurfen zijn de basis van Unhooked Kitesurf Blog. Vluchten naar Dakhla; Restaurants in Dakhla; Wat te doen in Dakhla; Foto's van Dakhla; Kaart van Dakhla; Alle Dakhla hotels; Hoteldeals voor Dakhla; Lastminutehotels in Dakhla; Op hoteltype. Overnachtingen in een shared room (max. Misschien een grab toevoegen? Het wind seizoen in Dakhla: Vanaf Februari is het ok, maar het seizoen is beter (het best) van maart tot en met juni. Meestal bestaat de groep uit de leeftijden tussen de 20 en 45 jaar met uitzonderingen natuurlijk. In de omgeving vind je een wakeboard baan, een aantal hele mooie golfsurfspots en natuurlijk kan je gave trips maken op een kameel door de woestijn. I’ve made a map of all the resorts in the area and go into detail at the end of this post. Vaak kun je bij ons van te voren al via onze Facebook Events of via de Whatsapp groep zien welke personen er bij de reis aanwezig zullen zijn. Dakhla Spirit had the cheapest accommodations I could find. I think a room for two would be 200 to 250 euros a night. Every resort more or less functions the same way. Het KiteActive team staat voor je klaar! We offer a breathtaking experience that combines the desert and the sea. RNAAT: 1229/2018 I’m forever and always an ocean guy so kiting seemed like the logical next step for me. Dakhla, Morocco is home to some world class kiteboarding conditions. It’s likely you’ll get a much better deal if you are traveling with another person or two. The tents here are only €50 per person with shared bathroom. It is a kitesurfer’s paradise. Kitesurf in Dakhla. vlucht dus je hoeft je nergens zorgen over te maken!! Onze instructeurs hebben alle diploma’s en jarenlange ervaring. This was the resort I was originally looking to stay at. Lunch would change every day between fresh grilled fish, Moroccan tagines with cous cous, breads, salads, and fruits. Ultimately decided on this camp. You can also subscribe without commenting. They have a prime location where the two lagoons converge and are located next door to the Speed Spot (for better winds). I was expecting something much more budget and was very pleasantly surprised by how nice my room was. I think Dakhla is for sure on the lower end of the pricing spectrum which is another reason to come here! Since then, there have been almost 10 new resorts added with more coming from the looks of it. From the US, there are direct flights from New York to Casablanca to Dakhla on Royal Air Maroc.

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